Welcome to Devoted Dove Jewelry; Sterling Silver Scripture Jewelry, Handmade in the USA !

Jewelry FAQ's and Care

Materials Used by Devoted Dove Jewelry:

Jewelry created by Devoted Dove Jewelry is a mix of sterling silver, gold filled, vermeil, and sometimes solid gold. The metal type of each item will be noted in the description of the piece. The majority of the pieces are made of sterling silver and are oxidized and then hand polished to reveal the shiny silver surface below, while the oxidization emphasizes the details in the design.

About Vermeil Jewelry:

Vermeil (pronounced either ver-meel' or ver-MAY') is gold-plating process developed in France in the mid-1700s. Early-day vermeil involved the use of mercury. Modern-day vermeil is produced by a safe electrolytic process. The inside core is sterling silver and the outside is a coating of gold. It is safe for most people even those with jewelry sensitivities.

About Gold Filled Jewelry:

Gold Filled is the process of pressure bonding a layer of gold to another base metal core. Gold filled does not flake or rub off and is tarnish-resistant, standing the test of time. Gold filled pieces are typically safe for those with jewelry sensitivities, reducing risk of allergic reaction. Gold filled is considered fine and is of more value than gold plated.

How to Care for your Devoted Dove Jewelry:

The best way to maintain the beauty of your new piece of jewelry is by taking great care of it. We advise using warm water and a soft cloth to gently polish away any dirt and surface imperfections after wearing your jewelry. Jewelry cloths are ideal and are non- abrasive. Allowing your jewelry to become overly dirty or exposing it to abrasive substances like salt water, chlorine, bleach, sunscreen or other cleaning products will take a toll on the luster and condition of the piece. 

We do offer a cleaning service if your Jewelry has become de-oxidized or pale, or vermeil coating has been removed due to excessive wear and tear.  Contact us for more details at Devoteddovejewelry@gmail.com