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Christ Coin and Religious Metals

“Christ” Coins

 Originating from the Byzantine Era dating from (969-1118 AD) come these ancient and rare bronze and silver coins. Once used as actual currency in the Greek Roman culture, they appeared almost a thousand years after the birth of Christ, and remained in circulation for over a century. It was Roman tradition that the emperor of the time would put his portrait on the coinage of that day, but during the reign of Justinian II, we see the emperors’ portrait giving way to the precious portrait of Christ, where he is shown holding the book of Gospels in one hand and offering a blessing in the other.

Today as you hold them in the palm of your hand, there is something profoundly precious about their great age and that beautiful face of our Lord looking back at you. Not only do these exquisite pieces of history display Jesus Christ on one side, but on the obverse side in embossed letters is the Latin text which reads… IhSuS, XRISTuS, bASILEu BASILE, meaning “Jesus Christ King of Kings”. In some coins on the obverse side there may be the two line legend “May Jesus Christ Conquer” (IC XC  NI-KA ) When you consider their age and the history behind them, these words are just as breathtaking now as they would have been then. Christ is the English term for the Greek Christos/Khristos meaning “the anointed” It is a translation of the Hebrew Messiah. The word is a title and not a surname, it is Christ Jesus meaning “The Anointed One, Jesus.”

 Religious Medals

These are not as old as the Christ coins but are still unique pieces of history that date from the 17th to 20th century. They are pieces that I source from various places overseas, and each medal I choose either bears the precious image of Christ, or some part of his life. Instead of them hiding away in boxes, I decided to create beautiful frames for them to shine in, and therefore to be worn and loved by people who see their value and appreciate them as I do.

Terminology of the Coin’s: These terms are used in many of the descriptions and certificates of authenticity. They describe the parts of each coin as well as the coins themselves.

Anonymous Follis: On these bronze coins the emperors name and portrait are not part of the design, hence they are anonymous.  Instead of the earthly king, these coins depict Jesus Christ, King of Kings.

Follis:  The denomination of the coin.

Obverse: Part of a coin, it was normally the side of the coin that was formed on the underside of where the metal was struck by the hammer.

Pallium: An open cloak or exterior garment that was worn on top of clothes in that day.

Nimbus Cruciger: A halo with a cross inside, seen behind and around the head of Christ.

Colobium: A sleeveless tunic

Overstruck: A coin struck over an older coin.

 “Because of the coins’ great age and especially who they represent, I feel honored and privileged to even hold them in my hand.  I know each coin holds a story and has made a journey much greater than perhaps we will ever know and to be able to carefully create a piece of wearable jewelry from a treasure so ancient, makes me reflect deeply on the LORD, not only who he was in the past but how he is the same in the present too. Revelation 1:8 I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty "

No matter their imperfections, each coin has its own unique charm and patina, and its value is assessed based on its condition, clarity of the image, detail in the coin, and its rarity. They each come with their own certificate of authenticity that show dates and some specific details of the coin.                                                                                                                                                                                                -Ashleigh George-Carter